Teddy Bear

Teddy's Nose

Got some food for me?

Hello! My name is Teddy and I live with Jennifer and Tommy. I’m a Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier and I was born on Halloween so my nickname is Monster. I wanted to be in the wedding, but the museum is afraid I might tinkle on the flowers so they won’t let me. Instead, I get to have my own page on the website so I can tell you about what I like to do.

Dressing Up

Birthday Hedgehog

My hedgehog, bone, and treats.

Since I was born on Halloween, I like to dress up. This year I was a Jester, and I got a new toy hedgehog and a bone for my birthday.


Reindeer Costume

My reindeer costume.

Last year I was a reindeer for Christmas. I also helped open presents–even some that weren’t mine.


Fourth of July Glasses

My American flag glasses!

Sometimes on the Fourth of July, I wear my fancy American flag glasses while I watch fireworks.

Nap Time

Taking a Nap

Taking a nap after the dog park.

I love to play with other dogs at the dog park. After the dog park I like to take long naps.


Sleeping Upside Down

Taking a nap upside down.

I like to sleep upside down too. I wake up Tommy and Jennifer all the time because I snore and dream a lot.

What I Like

Riding in the Car

Riding in the car.

My favorite thing to do is ride in a car. On Saturdays, I get to go for a ride to Starbucks with Tommy. I like to ride in the front seat with my head out of the window.


St. Patrick's Day

My St. Patrick’s Day Hat.

I also like St. Patrick’s day. I get to wear my green hat and ride to Orlando to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. They always have a big party for St. Patrick’s day and cook lots of food.


Gator Fan

Go Gators!

Last, but not least, I’m a Gator fan! (Florida State dogs have fleas.) Tommy and Jennifer both went to the University of Florida. I always wear my Gator outfit when I watch football games with them.

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