Our Story

It’s been a winding road to our engagement and upcoming wedding and we’re so excited to have all of you share our day. That said, we thought we’d share a bit of our story with you all.

Jenn’s Story

Jenn & Tommy

I was born in Bronx, New York. I have some great memories of growing up in the city–going to the Bronx, Zoo, shopping with my mom and sister at Bloomingdales, playing at the park with my dad, trekking all the way to the beach in the summer, Chinatown and lots of others. My family moved to sunny Coral Springs, Florida just before my 12th birthday, where I lived until I enrolled at the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and moved to Gainesville, Florida. I later found out that Tommy was there around the same time . . . . We wouldn’t meet there, but it would help to solidify a proud Gator household. :) After graduating from the University of Florida I became a teacher. I loved my students, but after a few years teaching in Ocala and then Orlando, Florida, I craved a new challenge and decided to go to law school; so I enrolled at Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida. It wasn’t until just before our final year of law school that Tommy and I would meet at a friend’s party. Mind you, Tommy and I disagree as to which party it was . . . there were quite a few that summer at which we crossed paths. :) At some point in time, I decided he was my perfect match. My best friend, confidante, and most assuredly polar opposite. Where I am hot tempered and impulsive he is ever steady and calming. In my opinion, I chose him. I’m sure his version (which you’ll find below) is different. In any event, by football season, united in Gator love, we were spending lots of time together. As we got closer to graduation, we had to start considering jobs and where they would take us. But first and foremost, was the Florida Bar. Needless to say, the couple that studies for the Bar together, can overcome ANYTHING in my humble opinion. We did it! And we were thrilled . . . and then came Our Engagement.

Tommy’s Story

Jenn & Tommy

I was born in Live Oak, Florida. I love the town, the scenery, and my friends–many of whom I have known since kindergarten. It isn’t a big city like New York or Miami, but in my opinion Live Oak has more than enough of its own perks. There’s no tangible value you can place on the ability to have a yard and a house, canoe down the Suwannee River, avoid traffic jams, avoid tourists, and look up at the sky at night to actually see stars. As Jenn mentioned, I also went to the University of Florida (Go Gators!), but at a slightly different time than Jenn (we’ll leave the dates for your imagination). For those that are curious, I finished with a bachelor’s degree in finance from the college of business as well as a minor in statistics. Throughout high school and college, I worked for a title insurance company in Live Oak (Abstract & Title Services) and gained a great deal of inspiration and experience. After I learned the trade, my boss (whom I also consider a great friend and mentor) recommended that I try my hand at law school. Lucky for me, I accepted the challenge and ultimately crossed paths with Jenn. I met Jenn at a friend’s party and thought to myself “why in the world do I want to hang around with this ‘hot tempered and impulsive’ girl . . . .” (just kidding!) Luckily, she was persistent and quickly grew on me. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. We quickly formed a common bond tailgating for Gator events and cheering against FSU and Georgia. Somehow we survived the bar exam and both practice law full time now. Unfortunately, our jobs have taken us farther away from our friends and family than we would like to be, but hopefully that won’t be permanent. We have also met lots of great people and new friends along the way, and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us.


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